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Weekend in Nash

This is a bit of a delayed post- this all actually happened about two weeks ago. None the less, it still pertains to those planning to visit Nash someday, so I hope you enjoy!

I was finally home for a weekend in Nashville, and my roommate, Brooke, and I made the best of it. Nashville has always been a dream city for me to live in, and now that I'm finally living there, I spend most of my time traveling from it. Well not this weekend. I was home and it reminded me why I love this city so much. ( Due to some personal events this was actually two weeks ago-- I apologize for the delay of this post).

We started our Saturday off with the rest of the world, at 4:30 AM CT to celebrate the beautiful romance of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and it was absolutely beautiful! Waking up that early to chill on the couch, and watch beautiful people exchange vows and change the world in the name of love is one special way to start your weekend!

We then moved the celebrations to the gym to celebrate World Gym Music City's first birthday! We got in a killer lengthy workout, got adjusted by a chiropractor and received a HydroMassage for free, and then of course left with lots of great, and delicious, freebies! I'm actually a member of the Downtown YMCA, but when it comes to a city with lots going on, you can always find something fun like that to take part in for little pay or even better- FREE!

We were stuffed and thought what in the world should we do on a free Saturday night? Well, we obviously had a girls night with our friend Reagan which included happy hour ROSÉ, A PATIO, SUSHI, HALOTOP ICE CREAM, and ended with a good movie. We went to sushi at Nama in Midtown. If you are looking for a delicious casual sushi restaurant in Nashville, I recommend Nama. And! On Monday's and Thursday's they have half priced sushi on certain rolls so there ya go!

SUNDAY! Ah this was a wonderful day, y'all. We began at Centennial Park, also known as the Parthenon, for a nice run/walk. I recommend visiting this lovely not so hidden gym of Nashville for an afternoon picnic, outdoor photoshoots, and like what we did, a light run! The Parthenon is a structured replica of the Parthenon of Greece. It's so stunning to look at and makes a lovely backdrop to an afternoon of fresh air!

"On Sunday we brunch." Nashville has become a huge hub for all celebrations, and come Sunday, what's better than going to brunch? Well my friends, here is a wonderful spot to not only satisfy everyone's cravings, but keep you entertained as well.

Sinema is a fine dining experience on 8th Avenue in Nashville, with a well respected chef driven menu, and an atmosphere that embraces you into a scene of an iconic theater. As you approach the vintage style doors, your mind is already prepared to open up to something interesting. As you swing them opened, it's as if you blinked and opened your eyes to a decade of the past, then add in the delightful smell of biscuits and gravy.

We were sat at a two top table completed with two silver sparkled fabric chairs ready for two fabulous people to sit in them. We took the liberty in satisfying their job roles, and felt like VIPs of the floor. Movies played up on the walls just enough for us to see them, but not be distracted. We were then kindly greeted by the very lovely staff with the offer of $15 bottomless mimosas (flavors of Pineapple, Orange, and Grapefruit) and of course took them up on the offer.

Sinema's Saturday and Sunday brunch is a "bottomless" brunch. For $28, you can go up to the different stations as many times as you want, which also includes 5-6 "from the kitchen" options. The stations included: (1) a friend chicken and homemade biscuits and gravies bar (2) house salad bar (3) a "the usuals" bar of scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage, and potatoes (4) pressed sandwiches (5) and a fruit and pastries bar. --That's just the start! Now for my favorite part…

We almost ordered everything "from the kitchen" because, why not? Right? It's included! What we ended up ordering was: Cheesy Grits, The Omelet (spinach, mozzarella, and onion) the Chili con Quile, the French toast, and wait for it… the Crepe of the day: Nutella and Banana. Guys. Wow.

We were in HEAVEN! When we ordered them we were very worried. We knew we wouldn't be able to eat it all, but we couldn't not order it. Well, calm your wasteful nerves. Their serving sizes are very small just for that reason. It's just enough for you to have the satisfaction of tasting it, loving it, tasting it a bit more, and give you the freedom to move on to the next plate. And the best part is, if you loved it that much- order it again!

Once we finally decided we needed to stop, our stomachs made that decision for us, we went to the bathroom. Wait. What?

Yes. The bathroom is a must visit even if it isn't for the natural reason, which if it isn't --drink more water! Either way. Visit the Bathroom! It is actually designed for selfies with ya girls! I'm sorry, boys, I forgot to ask what your bathroom was like. With mirrors designed to crop out other mirrors and lighting to bring out all your best features- this picture will be "post worthy" I can guarantee you! The interior is just stunning, and you will be too! Make sure to #Sinemaselfie so the folks at Sinema can see how creative you got!

Nashville has such impeccable restaurants, parks, bars, gyms, and shops. I can't wait to explore more of it! I'm loving my "home," and I can't wait to bring you more of what makes Nashville such a wonderful place to visit! Follow all of my adventures around Nashville with my hashtag #NashinitUp

Traveling and exploring new places is such a passion of mine, but just because Nashville is my home now, doesn’t mean I can't explore that just as much! Sometimes staycations are needed just as much as vacays.

If you're visiting Nashville and have any questions about places to visit, feel free to email me. I'd be happy to check some places out for you before you go!

Thanks so much for reading friends! Have a lovely day, and remember-- sometimes it's fun to try new things even when they're in your own back yard!



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