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Travel Slump No More!

I have never craved the view of the tops of clouds more than I have these past few days. Trying to fly standby during spring break back to Nashville, after working in Texas for 18 days, was "one bad decision that will haunt me." And you better believe, "I will reverse the curse!" If you didn't get that I encourage you to start watching season 36 of Survivor: Ghost Island on CBS. HIGH-key recommend it. ;)

Working here and there and everywhere is a blessing and a curse. I have always dreamed of traveling, however, I moved to Nashville to become more grounded and stable… I haven't quite gotten to that point yet, but I'm getting closer and closer. Never the less, I have still made it my home; and though I'm there for just a few short days before my next quick trip, I'm going to make the best of it.

I feel like I'm not alone when I say, as I step into my home I immediately sigh with relief of making it to my destination, after any trip. It's that fall straight down onto your bed, thank you Jesus I'm home feeling. But what happens after a few breathers? Well I don't know about you, but for me I would: death stare my luggage hoping it will unpack itself, have very low energy and maybe watch an episode of something I missed, snack, unrealized dehydration, and my productivity level was like nothing. I would tell myself "props Libs, you deserve to chill the rest of the day."

Don't get me wrong, you're body has got to rest, especially after long busy trips. That is definitely important. However, what I've learned from my past experience, is if you have the travel slumps the rest of your day, it may throw off your entire week. You may have had some things to do that might keep your mind from getting the beneficial sleep when it's most important because you're too busy thinking about all the things you needed to do before you get back into your everyday routine.

Here are a few tips I have for those of you morning travelers that will help you avoid that "fall on the bed and never get up" kind of feeling that will get your energy and productivity level up so that you can max and relax at the end of your very full day.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

It's likely you weren't able to drink as much water as you normally would during the day if you've been airport/on the flight (unless you bought a huge bottle of water for $100 or brought you're water bottle <--- #protip) Chug some H2O for your body and skins sake. This will help relieve you from cabin pressure, hunger and exhaustion. My favorite water is #DefianceFuel. My body can tell the difference, I know it sounds crazy, but drinking it routinely gives me more energy, I'm less hungry, and my skin shows it. I'll let you know the link to order as soon as I get it!

Unpack Immediately

Hate to break it to you friend, but your death stare to the luggage won't make it unpack itself. Maybe someday Amazon will make Alexa do it, but not today Junior. So, get your booty up and don't let that s#!t sit! Get your laundry rollin' and toiletries back in their spot. It is one less thing for you to worry about.

These packing organizers really help me to not only stay organized on my trips, but makes unpacking SO much quicker!

Get in the Good Grub

Whether you traveled for work or play, you have to find ways to enjoy your travels and if that's with food (which for most of us it is) good! But it's time to get back to the healthy livin' ASAP. So make your next meal one with lots of colors and all nutrients. You'll feel full, satisfied, and ready to keep it up throughout your week. If your not super hungry, I suggest getting in a protein smoothie and include some superfood powders such as maca, cacao, and greens powder.

I'll go into what all these fun supplements and vitamins are in another blog. But #protip FREEZE YOUR SPINACH before you go on your trip. It works just as great for your smoothies and you don't waste your produce.

Grocery Haul

Even if it's just a run in run out stop, get a few fresh essentials that will get you to the next day. If you've been gone a lot, it'd be a long shot to say you have some healthy choices at home waiting for you. It'll save you from over eating or eating out once again.

Sweat Sesh

I find ways to workout while I'm on my travels, however, there's nothing like a great sweat session to detox your body from all the hustle, bustle, pressure, and everything else. I usually don't have enough energy to really get a good lift in or long run. The workout for me on travel days: hot yoga. Stretching, sweating, strengthening, lengthening, and allow me to soak in the feeling of being home and prepare me for any new craziness to kick in the next day. Today, as I happily sat in my seat on the plane, I pulled up my Classpass app and scheduled a "Hot Vinyasa Flow + Core Strengthening" class at one of my favorite studios in Nash: Summit's Hot Yoga. It's like the hottest studio I've been to. I know lots of you think that it sounds miserable to even sit in a 90 degree room, but my gosh it's so great for you and your body will thank you after!

You can check out my friend's brand here: #Virix

I hope these help you out! I'm excited about sharing with you all the healthy travel tips I've been gathering from my experiences. If you have any questions or requests about what you might want to see more of, please feel free to comment below or email me!

Thanks for stopping by y'all!



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