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Starting Invisalign... Again?

We often have those insecurities about ourselves that no one notices but us. It’s those things that we see, but others have no idea. Mine has always been my smile. I know, I smile ALL THE TIME! I can’t help it. However, I have always had parts to my smile I just am not a fan of. These included my two front teeth protruding, my eye-teeth pushing in front of the teeth beside them, my open bite and my cross bite. When I was in a position of taking lots of pictures all day long, I learned my angles to where those certain “problems” would not be noticed.  

Now, I totally understand, I could have it so much worse! That is a fact. I love my smile, and I’m thankful for what it looks like now, but if there is a way to fix these issues without metal braces, again, I want to fix them! 

Throwback to 6th-9th grade Libs, braces were a thing. I think they were either taken off too soon or something, but my smile just wasn’t what I wanted it to be. Then about two years ago I started with Invisalign before I was cast on Survivor. I was still able to wear them of course, but being on the show hindered my progress.

This is my second attempt with Invisalign and I am SO excited! NOW IS THE TIME to create the smile of my dreams, and who’s helping me achieve this? GLUCK ORTHODONTICS  here in my current home of Nashville, TN! They are the top provider of Invisalign in Nashville and even work with people who live all over the US!

If you squint your eyes just a bit you can see my attachments.

It’s been about two months since my first visit with Dr. Jono and all I’ve felt are great vibes, positivity, and reassurance that the smile of my dreams is going to come true. Their entire team has been so wonderful. I’m currently in my sixth week of trays. I had to wear one of my trays for 2 weeks because I wasn't prepared to stay in California an extra week. So, if you don't have your new tray with you, it's obviously easy to just keep your current tray in longer and move to the next tray when you can.

The pain hasn’t been too bad. I had one migraine earlier this week, but I think that was from being dehydrated one day.  I only experience some pain during the first one or two days of each tray, but that's just the process.

The great part about having to wear my Invisalign about 16-20 hours a day is that I don’t snack as much as I used to. I hate having to take them out, snack, brush my teeth, and then put them back in. TBH, I don’t brush my teeth after every snack because like who really has time for that? It does make me think twice about snacking when I really don’t need to.

That brings up the harder side of the Invisalign. It is annoying sometimes having to take the trays out every time I eat, but hey THEY’RE CLEAR BRACES so I mean-- give a little to get a little — right? 

I’m also in front of the camera often, and tho times people can hardly tell when I’m wearing them, there are times where I really can’t wear them on set because the light reflects off of them during pictures. That’s when I have to be very strategic on making sure I get my hours in wearing the trays. 

The orthodontists explained several rules along with “okays” I should go by: 

 Don’t eat with them in. 

 Try and brush your teeth after every meal (Soft tooth brush is best— especially if you have attachments)

 Wash your trays before you put them in 

 DON’T wash with toothpaste

 DO wash with hand soap or dish soap (I prefer organic dish soap, so it’s like a fork, ya know) 

 It’s okay to drink water normally, everything else drink with a straw so you don’t stain them. 

 Don’t drink anything super acidic with them in because that can damage the trays, including: Juices (beets, greens, etc) bubbly waters, wine and sodas. 

I’m so excited to see how much my smile changes! Here is a video of what my smile looks like now and how it will change throughout my 9 months of trays. The end is the anticipated transformation.

 If you have any questions, comments, or topics you want me to discuss about Invisalign please leave a comment below! I’m working on a youtube video to really tell you all about the process and show you more of what my life is like with Invisalign, so I’ll make sure to include these in my video.

Love you all and appreciate you! 



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