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Southern Sophisticated College Station Hotel

Hey y’all! I had such a fun opportunity last week to visit a couple of new hotels in College Station, Texas!. I now have two brand new hotels that I can personally recommend to provide a perfect spot to stay if you are headed to College Station for a football game, a business trip, or even a road trip pit stop. I’m so excited to tell you more about my experience at these lovely hotels AND how you can win a free night stay! There will be two winners in this giveaway- one for each hotel! Exciting, right?!

I want to share with you a few reasons why I fell in love with each of these hotels! If you want to see more specifics from my experience at each spot, check out these two YouTube videos.

The George in College Station, TX

#1.  Design. It is said that The George Hotel is “where rustic meets refined,” and they’ve created that feeling so perfectly as you are welcomed by a flock of beautifully painted sheep, a perfectly woven rope wall, and a one-of-a kind Texas Book Wall made of close to 10,000 books. The old Texas charm is even carried over into the bathroom, where the iconic “DON’T SQUAT WITH SPURS ON” is tiled on the wall behind the gorgeous gold-trimmed bathtub.

#2 Location.  Located right on Century Court across from Texas A&M University, the George is centrally located for your convenience, no matter what the reason for your stay in College Station. The hotel is also walking distance from a movie theater as well as fine and casual dining. The accessibility of the hotel and Statesman Ballroom also make it a perfect venue for weddings, family reunion dinners, and business dinners.

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#3 Sophistication. The George has created the perfect atmosphere for a “work-from home-cation.” The ambiance of the hotel allowed me to be productive and while not being distracted while still enjoying what I was doing and the environment I was working in. They “combine old-time charm and elegance with the most modern of amenities” for any corporate event your business might need, and of course, cowboy boots are more than welcome in this establishment.

#4 History.  The George is a celebration of namesake. It brings you back to C-Stat’s days of being a rail stop. The hotel is named for the notable Georges throughout history. Believe southern charm is something to highlight in every way, shape, and form. At the George, it can be seen in small things such as the dining room dishes all the way to the large, beautiful art in the bedrooms.

The Book Wall. Over 10,000 books uniquely designed for The George

#5 Cleanliness.  This is a crucial matter when it comes to hotels. I noticed right away how clean this hotel was. The fresh scent mixed with the southern aroma was so… Texas at its finest. Even the rooftop area outside of the fitness center was being swept early in the morning. This extra effort for excellence is something I have learned to notice and appreciate, and The George hit the nail on the head in the cleanliness department!

#6 Comfort. One night I had some chocolate from a neighbor property, “Hey Sugar”, had some wine from the bar, and put on a great movie. I was out after I finished my glass, and I slept for a full 10 hours! I NEVER do that. I can accredit this wonderful night’s sleep to the bed I slept in which was amazingly comfortable! My room and all of it’s amenities had that “at home” feeling that you’re always looking for when you are away from home.

#8 Friendliness. The customer service was exceptional. Good customer service is also something I always take note of, and I was very impressed with The George. It takes a few months to work out all the kinks with a new establishment, and it seems that their staff is very aware of this and is willing to find a solution for the customer’s problems quickly and efficiently. In the hotel restaurant, the Poppy, the staff was so nice and even let me name a drink for them! I Check out the video to see what name I gave a new drink they created!

Other details from the George like: their restaurant “the Poppy” can all be found on my YouTube video linked here!

Here are the directions for the Giveaway for a one night stay at THE GEORGE.

The winner will be announced on Thursday!

1. You must like this pic on instagram! Extra entry if you tag a travel buddy of yours!

2. You must be following me (@iamthelibster) and @thegeorgetx

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4. Comment on this blog post what your favorite hotel chain is! I’m starting a new project so I’m curious to see.

Look for my next post from the George's sister property and a second chance to win a one night at THAT hotel! Thank you for reading! Don't forget #4! Good luck! I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know!

Talk soon! Have fun in Texas y'all!



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