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Protein Brownies

Let me tell you how man times I’ve failed at creating a “healthy version” of brownies… hold up, can’t count that high. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but friends, it’s quite a few. Well after much research, and a few little additions of my own, I have conquered a recipe I am quite fond of!

Actually, I love!

Full of protein, no added sugar (except for the cocoa and choc. chips, but like.. #livealittle), and these brownies are a delish safe treat that is so bomb with a glass of your fav milk at night, perf if you’re craving chocolate for breakfast, post-workout craving, well you get the point.

Some brownie connoisseurs may say they "taste the healthiness," but what do you expect?? I personally love the taste of "deliciousness meets wellness." Not to worry my friends, this still has a devilish sweetness that won’t make that unity obvious!

AND THEY’RE KID PROOF! A six year old boy snuck a bite or two, and wanted more without me saying they were healthy! That's a great way to sneak those greens in for your lil dudes.

I used the protein from Bowmar Nutrition. Click HERE if you want to order some! I have to say —it does sort of make a difference. Just being honest with you. This one is SOOO good, and if you know me you know how many types of protein I’ve gone through. PHC (Protein Hot Chocolate) is low carb, low fat, and 22 grams of protein!

Also, when you watch the video, you’ll see I snuck in some other Superfoods that give you extra energy, lots of vitamins, and better hair, and the best part is YOU CAN’T TASTE THEM!

Have fun and stay strong my brownie lovers!



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