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It's about that time of the month. No not that time of the month... LOL That time of the month where we question our New Year's Resolutions. Did you already #fail? Are you questioning your choices, or did you even make any resolutions?

Well, TBH I actually didn't make any resolutions. Instead, I'm making the #MAKEITHAPPEN list.

Resolution means a firm decision to do or not to do something. Resolution in my mind is a solution to a problem. I don't want to think about problems that need to be solved. Instead, I want to moving forward accomplishing goals that I've been dreaming of. So, my #MAKEITHAPPEN list is an easier way for me to think about how to make those dreams happen h rather than a resolutions list. It's a mind thing for me.

If you've been struggling with making a resolution for yourself this year, don't worry! You're not alone! So was I. It's not too late. Monday I did something for myself. I made a #MAKEITHAPPEN list. I made a list of things that, if were accomplished or in the works, would help make 2018 THE BEST YEAR YET. Seeing them written out made them look more realistic to me. It's me taking one step more to making them happen. I encourage you to make your list-- your #MAKEITHAPPEN 2018!!

Keys to remember:

  • Think about your end goal-- what does that look like and what does it take to get there? Maybe it's focusing on the details? Write those down!

  • Be more specific. Ex: Identify a number rather than say "more" or "less" Ex: For me? I want to post at least 53 blog posts this year.

  • What do you enjoy most? Is there something about that you can tie into other activities to allow you to enjoy them/the process more.

  • Maybe there is something on your heart you want to overcome. Maybe your #MAKEITHAPPEN is totally within, and has something stopping you from moving forward. Remember-- It can be something less physical and more mental. Ex. A friend of mine includes in his list to "not dwell in the past--to look more into the future."

  • Don't over think it. Be simple and REALISTIC. The more you can accomplish the bigger your dreams get!

Do you know what the number 8 means in the Bible? It is the number that means "New Beginnings" It signifies Resurrection and Regeneration.

I feel like 2018 is going to be a BIG YEAR for me! Let it be your year to begin again!


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