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"Livin' It Up"

“Wasted Time” by Keith Urban.

I have been so blessed to live in Cocoa Beach, Fl for the past few weeks and have been loving every minute of it! Between lots of traveling and working, I didn’t have a home base to at least keep my car and my luggage haha… (yes that gypsy livin’ lifestyle tho… much respect y’all!)

After praying so hard, asking God, “What in the world am I going to do? How am I going to do this?” He answered, and of course through works of Him! He always has our plan waiting for us! We just have to ask him for it… or have patience, but who really has that these days?

I met a couple through one of my best friends a couple of years ago, and they came to mind!

They offered the “Anytime you’re in town and need anything don’t be afraid to ask!” Little did they know I would be taking them up on that J It

still stood a couple of years later, and here we are today! Me sitting at their dinner table watching the sunrise, waves crash, and coffee spilling on my lap! Ouch! (Just a second while I clean this.)

Livin’ as a “beach bum” has always been a secret dream of mine. I always wondered what it was like for those lucky seagulls to wake up, go on a morning walk when it’s low tide, ride a bike everywhere, surf when the waves are p

rime, get that sun kissed tan, breath in the salty air all day, and have summer nights on the beach! Well God said, “wonder no more Libby! But you better LIVE IT UP!”

Don’t worry y’all I did! Livin’ it up here didn’t mean do all the crazy fun things and never stop! It also meant that free time to reflect on my life, looking at the gifts I’ve been given and feeling thankful, praying for the friends an

d family who need prayers, thinking about what I want my future to look like and wondering what I have to do to prepare for that. It is taking the time that I have been given and using it the best way I can for ME.

Livin’ It Up is a tag line I live my life to. It’s what I dream to show you through my future! Through my future videos and blogs and hopefully work, I dream to show you how I live it up and inspire you to as well!!

How are you “livin’ it up?”

Email me or contact me if you want to stay in touch! I hope you all have a wonderful day living life to the fullest~ “Livin’ It Up!”

Love and blessings, friends!



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