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Let's Catch Up

Hey y'all!

What a wild week! I haven't been home in almost three weeks, and gosh I miss it. It made me think back to how much I have been going this whole year, and how thankful I am to really miss home. Traveling and life on the road is fun, but having that home to go back to is something else.

No I have never been homeless, sorry, I'm making it sound like that. I haven't been that. However, I have lived in many places this past year that have made friends and other people think, "Now where do you live?" And most of the time my answer is something different than the answer I gave to the last person who asked me because my life has always been on the move.

My 2017 year looked like this: Living with family to modeling in Fort Worth to performing at Disney to working in Georgia to Fiji to working more in Georgia to finally moving to Nashville. With lots and lots of plane rides in between. WILD. I know! Why did I do that? Well, that is for another blog post. It all boils down to living life where God calls me to live, finding my purpose, and following dreams. I don't think I just do--and make it work.

In 2018, I've worked in Dallas, Denver, Alabama, Los Angeles (that was mainly for fun), Las Vegas, and Dallas again. It's barely February. That's sort of my life, tho. But one of my favorite things about this all, is that at the end of it all, I am still living in my favorite city, a city I have dreamed of living in for years, Nashville. And I get to remember that, when I'm going on all these trips that -there- is where I get to go HOME to. I've made it my home. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made, but man has it been a long time coming.

I am so proud of myself. I said I was going to do something and I made it happen which inspired me to keep going with #MAKEITHAPPEN2018 because the list just keeps on going!

Traveling can where me out. My skin, my body, and other things suffer with it. I've learned so much about how to take care of my skin and developed new health hacks, tips and tricks that I can't wait to share with you all so STAY TUNED!

Also, how could I forget to mention my minor announcement of SURVIVOR. Yes, y'all, it happened, and it was the most exciting life changing dream I could have ever EVER I mean EVER imagined. I will be sharing many more details,

and answer as many questions for you as I can in upcoming blogs. So-- on that note if you have any questions you would like SEND THEM ON OVER! Comment on this post or email me from my contact tab. I will be happy to answer them for ya :)

For now, I just wanted to catch you up on my feelings, what's been goin' on with me, and say I'm thankful for you and your support!


Libs :)

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