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Earlier this month, I spoke at a girls mentorship program called the Self Esteem Experiment or SEE. Motivational speaker, Janeé Hill led this program. Though I wish I could go back and really throw myself into this program, I was still fortunate enough to be at the finale and see how these girls and women were so positively affected by it. It was such a beautiful site to see women proud of their own growth, and the growth they helped others make in just one month!

Each day in the month of February was dedicated to a certain word that affected their self esteem in someway. Along with the words, the program had incredible women who talked about how they used those certain words to get through situations in their life. Situations that brought realization to their worth and self esteem. I was honored enough to be apart of this program and speak about a few words, one being BRAVERY. Here is a video I made to communicate with the girls on that subject.

Being brave is a choice. We all face times we can't prepare for or expect. I have found that I grow most when I take myself out of the comfortable, put myself in the uncomfortable, and be brave about my actions. I'm a little cheerleader at the end because I was reminding the girls that they aren't alone, and that they always have someone believing in them. Well, now I'm telling you too. Whatever you're going through, you have someone believing in you too! Take the step, be brave in your actions, and believe in yourself.

Let me know your thoughts! I'd love to know a time when you had to be brave, and what you learned from it.

Talk soon! Thanks for stopping by!



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